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The Art of Successful & Meaningful Selling Series

  • March 10, 2021
  • March 01, 2022
  • Webinar



3-Part Recorded Only Series

A successful sales approach relies on both the manager and seller working together. These three webinars are uniquely designed to ensure your leaders and sellers are creating the art of successful and meaningful sales together.

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This unique 3-part series is designed for both sales managers and their teams. Sales managers will review the first webinar on performance management and then assign their team members Sales Training Parts 1 and 2. Leaders set the tone and culture of the selling environment. Ensure your team understands expectations, you follow through and schedule regular check-ins, and difficult conversations about performance are helpful and productive.

Once you have set the standard as a leader you can assign your team Sales Training Parts 1 and 2. Your sales team will learn how to have authentic and meaningful conversations with clients as well as how to establish agency brand and style. Remove the chaos and confusion from selling with consistent training.

The Art of Successful & Meaningful Selling Series Topics

90-minute recorded only webinars

All three webinars will be available to view and download starting on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Performance Management for Sales Leaders

The first webinar in this dynamic series is designed for the leader or sales manager. It will cover why performance management is important and how it drives accountability and exceptional performance. Understand the role of the sales manager from orientation through tenure. Learn how to set expectations, schedule follow-ups, and have difficult conversations about sales performance. The webinar will also provide example exercises.

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Sales Training Part 1: Authentic & Meaningful Conversations

The Sales Training Part 1 webinar of this series is designed for the sales team. It will provide staff with an understanding of a thoughtful and logical approach to help guide them through a specific and step-by-step sales approach. The sellers can then modify this approach to match their unique styles and product line to create an authentic sales experience.

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Sales Training Part 2: Remove the Chaos in Selling

The Sales Training Part 2 webinar of this series is designed for the sales team and will review high-level Part 1 training. In addition it will provide ways to create meaningful conversations to help define the customers’ needs and how to position yourself as a strong partner who is vested in your customer's success.


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